Famous Art Socks

Add some famous art socks to your drawers and bring the majesty of the world’s greatest artworks into your every day.

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A visit to the National Gallery is always a special occasion, but going back to reality is inevitable. With a pair of art socks on your feet however, you can keep that artistic spirit close to you.

Within the National Gallery Shop, there is a host of art painting socks that evoke works by the leading practitioners and keep your feet comfortable and warm.

These socks come in a variety of excellent colours, harnessing the vibrant artistry of the works that exist within our galleries.

Popular choices include our Bathers Socks, which channel Cezanne’s famous painting, as well as these bright and eye-catching socks dedicated to The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

If you are a Van Gogh fan, then donning a pair of socks with his iconic works on them is surely tempting. We stock A Wheatfield socks and Irises socks that can help you celebrate this great artist’s legacy in your own way.

With colour wheel socks and beefeater socks to add a smile to your face as well, this is an excellent collection of museum art socks that are sure to bring something new to your life.


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