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Artful jewellery for every occasion. From an elaborate and unique piece to a special tribute to your favourite painting.

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At the National Gallery Shop, we have an exceptional selection of art jewellery that is inspired by the works that comprise our gallery’s collection.

With magnificent colours, shapes and statements being made by each and every item of art jewellery we stock, it is easy to find a piece that will fit with your personal tastes.

Our collection includes Bolita rings in a variety of colours, including Amber Blue, Aquamarine and Lavender Amber.

There are also a number of beautiful bracelets available to purchase. Take a look at our green bowl bracelet, our tangerine dream bracelet and our tie dye bracelet.

Our selection also includes stunning earring products that meld artistry and beauty magnificently. There are also impressive necklaces available, including this eye-catching Vitruvian Man Charm Necklace and this Small Silver Sunflower Necklace.

We also have a beautiful Silver Blossom Watch available to buy from the National Gallery Shop.

These products can make for a great gift for art lovers, perfect for birthdays or as a way of saying thank you.

Be sure browse through all the National Gallery jewellery available and find something that stands out.


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