Hans Holbein the Younger Artworks & Prints

The paintings by Hans Holbein the Younger are regarded as being among the most important of the Northern Renaissance movement. 

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Born in Germany in 1497, Holbein spent many of his formative years as an artist in the city of Basel, Switzerland. Holbein’s career would then take him to England, and he was commissioned by the Royal Family to create a number of portraits which have gone on to become iconic works of art. 

Fans of Holbein’s religious works, portraits and miniatures are sure to love the assortment of artworks by this artist available at the National Gallery. 

And what’s more, within the collection of products we have at the National Gallery’s online shop, there are a host of items inspired by Hans Holbein paintings.

One of the most iconic portraits in world art is Holbein’s The Ambassadors. Our shop allows you to purchase The Ambassadors Print as well as detail prints showing specific elements of this intricate work. 

There are also plenty of other gifts and items to secure which have been inspired by Holbein’s paintings. Our collection includes Holbein Soft Tote Bags, which feature a print of The Ambassadors, combining practicality with artistry. 

There are also a number of home accessories available with a Holbein theme. These include The Holbein Trinket Plate, as well as a festive gift in the form of this Holbein Christmas Decoration

A Holbein cushion is another option for anybody wanting to bring the majesty of Holbein’s work into their home. 

Be sure to look through the full range and other artist ranges we have available at the National Gallery’s online shop. 


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