Claude Monet Artworks, Prints & Gifts 

With Claude Monet artworks including Water Lilies and The Beach at Trouville available to view within our gallery, anybody with a passion for Monet’s work is sure to enjoy a trip to see such masterpieces.

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Lovers of this master’s collection may well want to secure a constant reminder of the Claude Monet paintings they have seen.

Born in Paris in 1840, Monet was the leading French Impressionist landscape painter of his age. Between spells in his native France, he spent time in London during the Franco-Prussian War in 1870-71.

Monet’s influence and legacy is palpable, and the collection of Claude Monet gifts and merchandise we stock in the National Gallery Shop offers the chance for you to acquire an item influenced by his work.

We stock everything from prints and posters of Monet’s artworks, through to apparel items such as this Monet Grey Unisex T-Shirt.

There are also a number of custom prints available which feature examples of Monet’s outstanding contribution to world art. These include prints of The Gare St Lazare, The Museum at Le Havre, and plenty more.

There is also an excellent selection of home accessories available, all inspired by Monet’s work. This includes our Irises lampshades, The Water-Lily Pond cushions, and The Thames Below Westminster coaster.

With plenty more pieces of Monet merchandise available, including bags, stationery, puzzles and jewellery available to buy, be sure to find the ideal item from the National Gallery Shop for your tastes. 


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