George Stubbs’s paintings are iconic works that hold a special place in the history of British art.  

Born in Liverpool in 1724, Stubbs is best known for his depictions of horses, often in motion. He was also a student of anatomy and created many detailed illustrations of animals.  

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Some of George Stubbs’s horse paintings are available to view at the National Gallery, including The Milbanke and Melbourne Families and Whistlejacket.   
To celebrate this important artist’s legacy, the National Gallery Shop has a number of George Stubbs prints for sale, as well as an array of George Stubbs gifts available to buy.  
Our collection of George Stubbs prints include the Whistlejacket Print, as well as The Milbanke and Melbourne Families Print. These are the perfect addition to walls in the home for any admirer of Stubbs’s work, or as a gift for any horse lover.  
We also have epic posters of Whistlejacket, which are printed on revolutionary Tyvek® paper, making the poster very resilient and with a satin finish. Each poster measures 6 x 4 feet (1.8 x 1.2 metres), giving them a major presence in any room as a true centrepiece.   
A fine addition to the home of any Stubbs admirer is this Whistlejacket Cushion, which can adorn a sofa or chair and provide a small homage to British art.  
Be sure to browse through the full selection of Stubbs prints and gifts at the National Gallery Shop and find your perfect purchase.  

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