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If you are interested in exploring an area within the field of arts and crafts, then the National Gallery Shop has a selection of books available that can help you hone your skills. So if a visit to the National Gallery has inspired you to get creative, our selection of arts and craft technique books is worth a look. 

For those with a liking for puzzles, the Masters of Art Puzzle Book is worth a look. This book allows readers to explore the world’s greatest artists in 100 puzzles. The book features everything from jigsaws and scrambled images to riddles and quizzes. This means there are plenty of activities for people to enjoy, regardless of your artistic background and knowledge. 

Another option within this collection is The National Cookbook, which contains more than 100 traditional dishes, all of which have been given a modern twist. This book has been put together by restaurateur and Great British Menu judge Oliver Peyton and his chefs, and has an emphasis on British produce.  

Take a look through these and the other books we have available within the National Gallery Shop. Whether you are seeking scholarly catalogues or children’s books, the National Gallery Shop is the perfect place to search for art books.  



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