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Anybody with a keen eye for art is likely to enjoy gifts and items that speak to their interests. This is where National Gallery gifts come into their own. 

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We offer an engaging and exciting choice of gifts with an artistic twist, with dozens of different options available. This makes it easy to find a present for any art enthusiast. Whether you have visited the National Gallery with a certain person or simply want to treat someone you know to something special, you can find art gift ideas for adults at the National Gallery Shop. 

Our selection of gifts for adults includes items in a range of styles, with everything from clothing to prints to practical products to figurines for the home. So whether you are on the hunt for small gift ideas for adults or something larger for the home, this range has it all. 

We have special sweatshirts featuring images of paintings in the National Gallery. These include the A Wheatfield, with Cypresses Indigo Sweatshirt and our Sunflowers Sweatshirt, which both celebrate paintings by Vincent van Gogh. We also have Van Gogh’s Irises Socks, Gustav Klimt The Kiss Socks, and The Ambassadors T-Shirt, as well as many more art clothing options. 

We stock framed prints of paintings like Van Gogh’s Chair and Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire, which can make for a fine addition to a home or office.  

There are jigsaw puzzles available including this Lake Keitele Puzzle. And we stock items such as this Bathers Recycled Leather Wallet and The Dance Lined Tote Bag which can carry your everyday essentials while celebrating the art at the National Gallery.

We must also mention some of the special gifts we stock, like these Silver Sunflowers Stud Earrings, Solar Powered Radiometer and Magnetic Hourglass.
With a selection of art gifts for adults to enjoy, find the present you are looking for at the National Gallery Shop. 

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