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The National Gallery Shop is the perfect place to find art gifts for kids. Our range includes a number of art and drawing gifts for kids, as well as many toys and puzzles to choose from, drawing inspiration from our collection. 

There are dozens of different children’s art gifts available, allowing you to find that perfect purchase to inspire creativity. 

Choose from Famous Art to Colour, Famous Paintings Magic Painting Book, and a collection of Art Activities for children. There are also books for kids with a focus on a particular artist, such as our Claude Monet Colouring Book and Vincent van Gogh Colouring Book

Included in this range are a number of exciting jigsaws. We stock micro jigsaws comprising 150 pieces, including The Thames Below Westminster Micro Jigsaw Puzzle, Sunflowers Micro Jigsaw Puzzle, and The Grand Canal Micro Jigsaw. This range also includes jigsaws like this The Skiff 3D Jigsaw Puzzle with 500 Pieces, The Story of Impressionism (1000 Pieces), and Sunflowers Puzzle (1000 Pieces).  

This Vincent Van Gogh Crochet Doll can be a pleasing addition to a bedroom for example, while this Leonardo da Vinci Helicopter Kit gives an insight Da Vinci’s genius. The National Gallery Top Trumps is another gift that is both fun to play and helps children learn more about art. 

With plenty more toys and gifts available, the National Gallery Shop is the perfect place to start your search for a treat for a child. 

Browse through the full selection of art gifts for children we have available at the National Gallery Shop and find that ideal present today. 

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