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The selection of art story books for children at the National Gallery Shop can bring the stories behind great paintings to life. With each painting having an interesting tale to tell, a story book from the National Gallery Shop can educate and inspire young readers and help them engage with the world of art. 

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Our range includes a number of titles from the Katie series of books, written and illustrated by James Mayhew. These books allow readers to explore different artistic movements and eras through the eyes of their companion, Katie.

Art becomes a real adventure in these books, and we are pleased to have Katie and the Impressionists, Katie and the Sunflowers, Katie and the British Artists and Katie and the Bathers all available for you to buy.

There is also the My First Heroes: Artists book available within our range. Illustrated by Nila Aye, this interactive book is the ideal introduction to art history for young minds with an inquisitive nature.
Be sure to take a look through the full selection of children’s books we have available at the National Gallery Shop and find an appropriate gift. 


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