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Great art is a visual and cerebral experience. Having additional information and background on the artists and context in which each work was created can add to your understanding.  
Our range of exhibition catalogues are designed to help aid your engagement with the artworks in the exhibitions we have at the National Gallery. 


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Our exhibition catalogues offer insights and viewpoints that can enhance your experience and expand your mind. Each is beautifully crafted in its own right, providing a tangible reminder of a time spent at our exhibitions. 

The catalogues also feature commentary and information written by leading art experts, helping to develop your knowledge and understanding of these works. 

Our range includes a variety of art catalogues covering artists of different styles, movements and eras. You can select the catalogue from a recent visit to the National Gallery and relive the time you spent here with ease.  

Highlights of this range include the Raphael Catalogue, which covers this exquisite renaissance artist and his works that appeared at the National Gallery in 2022. 

There are also catalogues covering the ideas of beauty and satire in the renaissance and in particular The Ugly Duchess, while a popular option is our After Impressionism catalogue, which ties in with the development of modern art. 

Many artist specific exhibition catalogues are available from the National Gallery Shop, celebrating the exhibitions that have taken place within our Gallery spaces. Catalogues covering the works of Turner, Maes, Degas and Titian all feature in this range, with many other artists and movements also available. 

This range of products contributes to the wider exhibition ranges here at the National Gallery Shop, which also feature exhibition prints and past exhibition ranges



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