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Many visitors to the National Gallery describe their time browsing the paintings in our collection as being a truly relaxing experience. At the National Gallery Shop, we want to help continue this sensation by providing a selection of deck chairs that all feature prints of paintings from our collection

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Our wooden deckchairs are sturdy and solid, bringing together practicality and style. This makes these deckchairs ideal for relaxing in the garden, for example.

All our deckchairs feature details of paintings that are available to view at the National Gallery. With many different works, artists and styles featured, our deckchair range is broad enough to have an option to cater for every taste.

If you are seeking floral deckchairs, these choices that feature details of Paulus Theodorus van Brussel’s painting Flowers in a Vase may well be to your liking. We have three different details to choose from.

Other floral deckchair options include Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Monet’s Irises, giving plenty of choices for everybody.

Our art deckchairs also include prints of paintings with landscapes and cityscapes. The Thames Below Westminster Deck Chair, Lake Keitele Deck Chair and An Estuary in Northern France Deck Chair are all available to purchase from our online shop.

Browse through our selection and find a deckchair to your liking from the National Gallery Shop. 

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