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Edgar Degas’ paintings are regarded as some of the leading works of the Impressionist movement. 

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Born in Paris in 1834, Degas specialised in pastel drawings, sculptures and oil paintings, rising to prominence and becoming one of the classical painters of the modern era.  

Edgar Degas’ artworks have stood the test of time and are today celebrated as works of genius. We are proud to have many of Degas’ paintings within the collection at the National Gallery, and want to make it as easy as possible for people to not only view these works, but also find an item of Degas merchandise that can help them remember their visit. 

Our collection of products includes Edgar Degas prints of his famous works, including Ukrainian Dancers, After the Bath, Woman drying herself and Combing the Hair ('La Coiffure'). Further prints we include in this range are the Portrait of Elena Carafa, Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando and Young Spartans Exercising

A particularly popular product in this range is the beautiful Little Dancer Figurine. This hand-painted figurine is inspired by Degas’ sculpture Petite Danseuse De Quatorze Ans (Little Dancer of Fourteen Years). The figurine itself has been individually crafted by highly skilled craftsmen, and is a wonderful addition to a home or office, or as a gift. 

There are also cushions, greetings cards and a book covering Degas from the Burrell Collection available within our range of Degas merchandise. 


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