Leonardo da Vinci Artworks, Prints & Gifts

Few artists have shaped history in the way that Leonardo da Vinci has. The Italian master was born in 1452 and specialised in a number of areas, with painting being one of the many strings to his bows.

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Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings are among the most iconic in existence, with artworks such as The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa known the world over. Leonardo da Vinci also has a presence at the National Gallery, with works including The Burlington House Cartoon and An Angel in Green with a Vielle included in our painting list. 

The National Gallery’s online shop offers a number of Leonardo da Vinci gifts, perfect to help remember a visit and an encounter with the work of this important artistic and cultural figure. 

Our collection includes Leonardo da Vinci prints, as well as notecard sets and postcard sets. There are also home accessories available that feature da Vinci’s work. These include The Virgin of the Rocks Detail Cushion and The Leonardo Cartoon Cushion. We also have items such as The Virgin of the Rocks Deck Chair and mugs which feature Leonardo da Vinci’s artworks. 

Da Vinci’s work also entered into other areas, such as science and theory. As such, there are items in our collection that evoke his work in these areas, including the Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit, and our Vitruvian Man Charm Necklace
With these and more options available to buy, browse through the Leonardo da Vinci merchandise we have in the National Gallery shop. 


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